Pho Soup Bowls

Each large pho soup bowl is garnished with onions and cilantro, and is served with a plate of bean sprouts, basil, jalapeno pepper, and a lime wedge.

1P Combination Pho SoupRare beef steak, well-cooked beef brisket, & beef meatball. 7.75
2P Rare-cooked Beef Steak Pho Soup 7.50
3P Well-cooked Beef Brisket Pho Soup 7.50
4P Beef Meatball Pho Soup 7.50
5P Chicken Pho Soup 7.50
6P Shrimp Pho Soup 8.95
7P Seafood Pho SoupShrimp, crab, squid, & fish ball. 8.95
8P Spicy Beef Tomato Pho SoupBeef in tomato soup with jalapeno, onion, cilantro, hot chili, & lime juice. 8.50
9P Seafood Soup 8.75
10P Substitute egg noodle, glass noodle with whole wheat or whole grain

add 1.00
11P Extra meat add  1.75
12P No-carb substitutionChoice of tofu or yam. add 1.50


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