Noodle Bowls

Each noodle bowl is served over vermicelli rice noodles, bean sprouts, and shredded lettuce, and garnished with crushed peanut*, green onions, and carrots. Served with carrot sauce.

1N Grilled Chicken on Noodle 7.50
2N Grilled Pork on Noodle 7.50
3N Beef on Noodle 8.75
4N Grilled Shrimp on Noodle 8.95
5N Lemongrass Chicken on Noodle 8.25
6N Lemongrass Beef on Noodle 8.75
7N Lemongrass Shimp on Noodle 9.00
8N Meat Trio on NoodleGrilled pork, chicken & shrimp 9.25
9N Cantonesee Style Noodle 7.75
  Add Vegetables Steamed or stir-fried add 1.75


Pour the carrot sauce over the noodles and add other sauces, like Sriracha (hot pepper) Sauce and Hoisin (plum ) Sauce. Toss well and enjoy!

* Some dishes are prepared and/or garnished with peanuts. Please notify your server if you have any food allergies


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